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Clippers trade Griffin rebuilding under Jerry West begins

NBA Bombshells are falling prior to the NBA Trade deadline February 8th Jerry West the 80 year old consultant to the team has made it clear the Clippers are blowing up the team and starting  over. I will say that the handwriting was on the wall after CP3 rejected max dollars to go to Rocketown .after 5 consecutive playoff years.Doc Rivers deserves  a lot of the blame for 1. being a less than player friendly coach. 2. Bringing his son Austin to the team in what may and in some cases is reported to be a clear case of  nepotism. 3.  Signing Griffin to a 5 year 171 million dollar contract. The Clippers clearly lost their identity. this year  causing die hard clipper fans to see the rudderless teams of the 1970,s and onward. Deandre Jordan should be traded soon and Doc Rivers may want to return to the less volatile broadcast booth. It remains to be seen who the Clippers might bring in but they are clearly going young for the near future. Mediocre teams are not the  standard in this 2 team market . fans in Los Angeles have determined the will support a winner but the Sports dollar in Los Angeles is hard earned and reluctantly parted with. The question  for the fan base remains Are they going to take the long view of enduring short term failure to see long term Success? With 2 rebuilding NBA franchises it remains to be seen as to the psyche and the patience of the NBA fan as to who has progressed  faster in the rebuilding process. regression before progression. Another question arises as to why sign a 171 million dollar contract and a few months later change your mind to go younger. It seems  unfair to Clipper nation for management to have a less than clear direction going  forward. time will tell but as a Social media follower expressed maybe this is the Clippers Just doing Clipper type things


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