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Fox Analyst Troy Aikman Richard Deitsch Media Podcast

Episode 27 of the Sports Media Podcast features Fox Sports NFL analyst Troy Aikman.

In this podcast, Aikman discusses his first year as an analyst for Fox’s coverage of Thursday Night Football; how doing an additional game each week has changed his preparation; what an average week is like for him work-wise; how sustainable it is for a broadcast crew to work Thursdays and Sundays weekly; why Tony Romo was able to be successful so quickly where others have struggled in broadcasting; how much feedback he receives from Fox Sports execs; why he thinks NFL viewership is up; how he feels about Fox’s hiring of Skip Bayless; the NFL team that has impressed him the most this season; what it is like for him when he reads of Fox’s interest in other NFL analysts; whether he is interested in working in football management after his children graduate from high school, and much more.


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