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Head Injuries in Sports

I thought I would share some  recent research that I did at Santa Barbara City college related to concussions in light of The NHL  settlement.

This was done during an 8 week Library Literacy course during the fall of 2018. I will not include all information but I will include citations that you can use and do your own research this may be a helpful guide  for students. I was asked to chose a topic and use various databases journals and websites to complete my work. I wanted to look at the impacts of head injuries at various levels of sport. some of this is historical in nature. and some of these sources bring a human impact element to the story rather than just raw data and numbers  The premise of the course was to use a topic and apply multiple sources 6 to be exact through the 8 week course.  The first thing I did was define the topic through various filtered databases located on the Santa barbara City College Luria Library. The approved topic was
                                   The impact of head injuries in professional and Non-Professional sports?


  Here are the 6 sources all  verified as  accurate. 

Brennan., Christine  Obama Stop The Head Games “ USA Today. 30, May 2014


Centers For Disease Control  and Prevention National Center  for Injury Prevention and Control”Date accessed October 5,2018


Hill, JulianneYouth Tackle Football Faces Litigation  Over Head injuries and along with proposals to ban the Sport Altogether” ABA Journal Aug. 2018, P. 25


Laskas , Marie Jean Concussion  Random House 2015


Mosensen,Jenna Date Accessed  16,October 2018


Mueller,  Frederick O.Cantu, Robert. C.  Catastrophic Injuries  In High School and College Sports  Versa Press 1996


It is worth noting that the above citations have been formatted in MLA Style  If Students would find the Citations helpful they can use them but only for the research process so as to avoid Plagiarism.

Here is a link on the 19 million dollar NHL Settlement


Mark Janisch Access Media Global.


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