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Lakers win 114-113 over Dallas 10-31-2018

Somebody  heard my plea to put Kyle  K into the lineup with the post suspension Rajon Rondo not playing well the Los Angeles Lakers improved to 3-5 with a 114-113- win over Dallas. Laker faithful should be reminded not to panic over the teams poor start. Miami started out 9-8 during James 1st year there and made the finals. I predicted 50-55 wins and a playoff berth.  James in his 16th year is always a slow starter as he knows he is no where near the the important games of May or June.  Some could say that all games in the Western Conference are important for playoff positioning. More important in terms of the level of  urgency and not taking games off. I commented to a member of Laker Nation yesterday that it will take 20-30 games worth of adjustment with this team as  constructed to win on  a regular basis. I will continue to remind readers that most of the Laker role players are on 1 year contracts. this means most of the diverse players and some  would say misfit players will be gone after this current year. This will clear cap space for next year and allow the Lakers to bring in another free agent. The lakers need to do 2 things to improve  Reduction in turnovers and improvement of the perimeter defense. Luke Walton has not settled on a rotation  that works together.  Here are some league highlights from Wednesday for you.      

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