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Richard Dietsch Sports Media Podcast 1-9-2019

Episode 35 of the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch features two guests: longtime Sports Illustrated writer Austin Murphy, and Daniel Dale, the Toronto Star’s Washington bureau chief.

In this podcast, Murphy discussed the recent piece he wrote for The Atlantic (“I Used to Write for Sports Illustrated, Now I Deliver Packages for Amazon”) in which he discussed his new job as an Amazon driver at age 57; why his piecestruck such a chord, especially on social media; how he approached writing it; what the writing job market been for him since leaving SI; the issue of ageism for sports writers; covering Lance Armstrong during the Tour De France and college football for SI; getting laid off from a job after decades, and much more. 

Dale discussed covering Donald Trump’s administration; his reputation as a premier Presidential fact-checkers; how he fact-checks in real-time and on social media; the record for the most lies in a month; why some outlets are reticent to use the word “lie; whether the focus on Trump is unfair compared to previous administrations; Dale’s contact with the White House; his experience on social media; why he describes his email inbox as “a dark place”; gaining celebrity in political circles in the  U.S. and balancing that with hischarter as a journalist; the role of CNN prior to the 2016 Presidential Election; what his U.S. colleagues think of his work and whether they think he is an advocate or opinonist; how the U.S. political media can improve; how Canadian audience perceive the Canadian media today; how trust-building can demonstrate that journalists are human and relatable people who are doing the best job they can; how long he will keep his current assignment; what he thinks of the Toronto Raptors in 2019 and his thoughts on the Kawhi Leonard-DeMar DeRozan trade; attending Raptors games; his prediction for how this season will conclude; the prospect of writing about the team, and much more.

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