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1-31-2019 Sports Media Podcast Richard Dietsch 1-31-2019

Episode 38 of the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch features two guests: First up is Kevin Harlan, who is calling his ninth consecutive Super Bowl game for Westwood One, the audio rightsholder for the Super Bowl. He is followed by Mike Arnold, who is directing his fifth Super Bowl for CBS. In this podcast, Harlan discusses calling his ninth Super Bowl for Westwood One and how his radio call is different from his television work; the preparation he does to call a radio broadcast versus a television one; who he envisions listens to the radio call of the Super Bowl; creating chemistry with his color analysts including Kurt Warner and Boomer Esiason; being critical of his own radio work; where the radio booth is located at the Super Bowl and how that impacts his call; calling games through binoculars versus a monitor; how he defines satisfaction from the radio broadcast versus television; how long he hopes to continue with the radio call and more. Arnold discusses the role of director on a Super Bowl broadcast; how many camera operators he directs on Super Bowl day; the conversations he has with the camera persons prior to the game; whether certain camera locations are more important than others and why; what is unique about Tony Romo from his perspective; how he determines success in a broadcast; how much interaction he has with his bosses on Sunday; whether he gets nervous prior to air; what is something viewers should know about the process, and more. You can subscribe to this podcast 

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