Episode 42 of the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch features three guests. First up is Ian Eagle and Sarah Kustok, the broadcast team for the Brooklyn Nets as well as accomplished broadcasters for CBS, the YES Network Turner Sports and Tennis Channel (Eagle) and the YES Network and Fox Sports (Kustok). They are followed by Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay and Boston Globe baseball writer Pete Abraham.
In this podcast, Eagle and Kustok discuss why it works between the two of them; what is unique about their partnership; how they value preparation and passion about preparation; whether you can have a good broadcast if you dislike your colleague; how the Nets’ current success has impacted their broadcast; why Eagle says Kustok gets television; whether they have ever gotten on each other nerves; working with Richard Jefferson in a three-person booth; why Brad Stevens, Erik Spoelstra and Nick Nurse are great in production meetings; why the Nets are good this year; whether the Nets can land a big-name free agent in 2019; what Sarah wants to do long-term in broadcasting; how Eagle tries to develop chemistry with his partners and much more.
Gay discusses his recent piece titled, “Mr. Kraft’ and the Sports Owner God Complex,” and why sports owners are so often afforded the honorific “Mr”; why this exists more in the NFL than other sports; whether there is a parallel to “Coach” in college sports; the racial component in this construct; the uniqueness of writing sports for the Wall Street Journal; writing celebrity profiles versus sports pieces and much more.
Abraham discusses the passing and legacy of longtime Red Sox beat writer Nick Cafardo; how Cafardo was instrumental in Abraham being hiring at the Globe; the pressures of covering a cultural institution such as the Red Sox and mor

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