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7-15-2019 Around the NFL Podcast

A room filled with some heroes – Dan Hanzus and Chris Wesseling bring you all of the latest news around the NFL including Ezekiel Elliot talking about holding out (10:08) the status with the proposed 18 game regular season (21:07) and what Mike Vrabel would do to win a super bowl. (30:36). The heroes give their fearless predictions for a few months from now including a very large scandal and an unexpected losing season. (33:30),2d8705db-5bfc-5aee-b637-4be6586641c7,9zwMmX6Q2qzaTaBb0Uh6LZs5qlw/episodes/6d81be16-6b07-405e-9174-4591965c4732/86fec1b7c81b6c8f629d64599856b0bb73ece253a5d098e27b4647e5ef62b156ec98972d4b31f8e0940c684fadc24b8b719e09cac5f6d3c5db0ba54a9c09ca09/ATN18%20game%20season_01.mp3

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