The Top of the Post is Bells Number.

In a passing League The RB position is commensurate with what the Market will pay . Gordon has a great skill set but you would be hard pressed to say that the Offense is built around him. Here are a few reasons the LA Chargers have to not sign Gordon to a long term deal. 1. Phillip Rivers age and short productivity window at age 37. 2. You will soon have to pay players like Derwin James and Joey Bosa. 3. You may wish to Franchise tag Gordon for 1 year. If Gordon and his handlers think they are being lowballed in terms of money then he will be taking a risk similar to Bell and despite a 4 year 52 Million Dollar contract Bell was likely expecting more. The reasons the Chargers have to sign Gordo has to do with Rivers needing help in his Backfield. 2. The Chargers want to sell PSLs and season tickets in light of the Rams success. I will have More On This soon.

Melvin Gordon stats

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