Pritchard taking job with the WWE and what that means for his podcasts; what he expects from Bischoff and Pritchard episodes heading forward; how much, if at all, the content of those podcasts will change; whether Pritchard has pulled any punches about the WWE since joining them earlier this year; how Thompson’s production schedule and live show schedule has changed with Bischoff and Pritchard taking WWE jobs; whether he has interacted with any WWE officials about the content of the pod; why you don’t hear current WWE talk on his pods; how he and Ross came together to do a podcast; why Grilling JR has been so successful from the jump; why Ross is so good in the podcast nostalgia space; why Pat Patterson, Kevin Dunn, Triple H and Jeff Jarrett would be excellent for this format; how much of the current product Thompson consumes and much more. Herring discusses how the many free agent moves might impact the popularity and viewership of the NBA product; whether so-called parity or super-teams are better for NBA popularity; the impact of Lakers and Clippers moves on television viewership; how the Kawhi Leonard news cycle played out and what it meant for journalism and hot talkers, and much more.

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