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Around The NFL Podcast 11-8-2019

A room filled with heroes – Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler, Chris Wesseling and Gregg Rosenthal preview each of the upcoming games of week 10. A few big anticipated matchups include Panthers Packers (6:15), Bills Browns with the muscle man, Nick Shook, on the phone (11:11) and Rams Steelers (28:47),c24bc52e-30e3-5855-9962-6348f7bed547,XvME2WQc2148xx4JgyVa_Rq0OKc/episodes/44443f39-237e-45b1-aa51-f846373cecb5/66354ad1a3017643a35ed8d5c929b48d19b1d91d849d9f1d05d97d416024840982cb06442ec6f3b4fda638952660cd61c0a952e176b4b4f36ea8ec3bdeeb653b/ATNWEEK10_PREVIEW_final.mp3,3c30d465-e225-53fa-a4a8-2d9af2aa2dd8,tV_yLUR1wFDLwsofTLw-gy2K-Ik/episodes/399a1899-621c-48ac-87e3-1ae290a269d4/bb662d98263aceda1b329a3bbf3df99069aae8eb29d46d954dde79b03609656febfc97b98635199b6a772f83520eecebaa07f17dd8950f055fce6348a7a28388/tnf_harlanFINAL_01.mp3

A room filled with heroes – Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler recap the TNF showdown between the Raiders and Chargers and then are joined by Gregg Rosenthal and Chris Wesseling to talk with Kevin Harlan about the cat on the field during Monday Night Football.

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