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Around The NFL Podcast 12-12-2019

The crowd in Baltimore chants MVP! MVP! MVP! Marc Sessler and Chris & Lakisha Wesseling recap the Ravens game where the Jets did what they could to just hold on.,bd677e72-7543-5b8a-9362-41d36432db92,YyD8ogy2O4BRseFxZP5QAa4tosA/episodes/8273bd79-6cc1-49a3-bae1-fda8db655f4d/a0af7c3574d14c62941e4518dfe702c44f0b00311f876ec305abff0978c270946926998cb3d4403576ed5ca98cb4062bddd4564a7d2d075cb4f40318e7f133cd/TNFRAVENSJETS_01.mp3

A room filled with heroes – Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler, Chris Wesseling and Gregg Rosenthal preview each of the upcoming week 15 games including the Texans at Titans (6:40), the Bears at Packers (23:14), and the Patriots at Bengals (46:50). Marc Sessler talks about his upcoming trip to the Black Hole (1:08:12) and the heroes preview the Sunday night (1:14:45) and Monday night games. (1:20:00),10f4158f-f3cf-5491-90d3-e6dac06cbf4b,7UYpuBMVL6wKImZpExs7X8fRlFc/episodes/e0459724-b2b4-4efc-a37d-4140a9879c0d/07cc5e80737292181deb2fdf10c0c5db36bbd1b868a22d5d35795eb4d73452e584b7f4bb90d362537a3c54fd3f24984b249f78ebd77c8b81500624f0671eaa5f/121219_ATN_WEEK15PREVIEW_final.mp3

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