The Vision of Access Media Global

1. Creating an environment where National and  International Media can have a platform to express themselves and gain Support in Positive ways that transcend the games and the Press beats they cover Daily.

2. The Platform is also designed for Athletes and Coaches to come and be inspired and motivated through collaboration and cooperation this goes beyond the Coaching records and statistics.

3. AMG hopes to Broadcast games and promote positive impactful people that play them. I am optimistic that these goals and vision for mentoring young broadcasters giving place to  Coaches ,Fans and  atheletes to have a forum for their stories I hope you enjoy and can find a place of safe refuge  on a platform created for those that enjoy the Games and have a desire to have a positive impact for the People and communities outlined here. Although this is far from the Corn fields of Iowa This is still a platform that used properly can be a platform for you as viewers  to reach and in my case build a Field of Media and Broadcast Dreams.From The Press Box  of AMG I am founder Mark A. Janisch

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About Mark Janisch

Hello,  My Name is Mark  Janisch  founder and creator  Of Access Media Global.

After creating my first Weblog in Dec. of 2010 and having what I would call moderate Success. In a slight borrow from the 1989 movie Field Of  Dreams I purchased this Domain to expand on what was started back in 2010.

It was always a vision of mine to broadcast sports with a strong gift for analysis. it seemed logical to expand and improve the Platform. Seeing as how The Internet is predominantly filled with less than positive messaging material AMG is currently in the process of creating media and Using Sports  as a vehicle for positive contributions to improve the lives of those that need support in local and global communities