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Episode 5 John Meacham Hope Through History The 1918 Flu Pandemic In 1917, as President Woodrow Wilson prepared the nation for World War, an even deadlier crisis was hiding in plain sight. An influenza virus flourished on European battlefields and rapidly spread among civilians, paralyzing the globe with illness and fear. The 1918 flu pandemic serves as a poignant reminder that science, cooperation, transparency and…

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Sports Media Podcast May 14 2020 Tom Verducci Baseball writer

Episode 99 of the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch features Sports Illustrated senior writer and Fox and MLB Network reporter and broadcaster Tom Verducci. In this podcast, Verducci discusses MLB’s proposed plans to return and what he thinks of those prospects; how baseball will be covered with COVID-19 restrictions; the potential loss of media…

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Richard Dietsch Sports Media Podcast May 5,2020

Episode 98 of the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch features the sports television journalist and host Bob Costas, who currently calls baseball and hosts specials for the MLB Network. In this podcast, Costas discusses his role in launching and developing the Concussion Legacy Foundation’s CLF Media Project, the first and only concussion reporting training…

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